Kit Garages for Duramax Building Products

meta garages from storage sheds direct

Metal Garages from Storage Sheds Direct

Benefits of DIY; Apart from giving people a sense of accomplishment, doing a diy home improvement project over the weekend is also an excellent approach to ease stress. A metal garage is a superb place to work on your project and have somewhere to store your tools and hobby equipment in one place.

Many companies provide discount garages of varying quality, but if you want a garage that offers exceptional quality then you need to go for Duramax metal garages. The cheaper brands of garage often look the part but when you compare the metal gauge and structure type you will see the Duramax garages are superior quality.

Like many people, you most likely have your preferences in terms of garages but with a galvanized steel building the elements won’t affect them and for this reason they last for many years. Apart from the fact that one can easily assemble a Duramax metal garage as all parts are numbered and labeled and it comes with a diy user manual that simplifies the whole job to a step by step process.

While outdoor garage buildings these days come in all shapes and sizes duramax pretty much stick to standard size buildings. Their smallest size is the 12×20 ft building which is big enough for most homes and will easily house your car from the elements. If you need something longer you might consider the 12×26 or even the 12×32 models which offer a generous storage space for storing all sorts of stuff from furniture to cars to just about anything

The heavy northern winter can be a tester for any outdoor storage shed but you won’t need to worry too much about that with  duramax buildings as the roof is constructed from strong steel roof trusses that will take any amount of snow-load and when properly anchored to the ground these garages are rated to take 115 mph winds with is sufficient in most average conditions.

Access to your Duramax metal garage is via a 98 inch wide by 78 inch high roll up door. This is ample for driving in your car and the cool thing is duramax includes a small side door for walk in access which can be handy for quick access saving you opening the large door. You also have the options to make great use of all the sidewall space by installing shelves a high level to store all your tools and accessories.

For most of us weekends are intended to be spent on exciting activities. The whole week was spent working hard so why not use this chance to do something for yourself. Installing a DIY garage kit, is akin to making an extra room in your home that will allow you to declutter all that stuff that just don’t belong in the home. This will certainly give you a sense of order and bring a level of calmness to you life with the peace of mind knowing that all your equipment is stored safely in one big space that will serve you and your family for years to come.

So if you are free this weekend then consider making the metal garage as your project. Other than being reasonably priced, metal garage kits are really easy to install. Certainly, it will look fantastic in your yard and and when complete will look timeless with its neutral color and style.